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Nurse's Corner

Welcome Back!




Welcome back everyone!  I hope everyone has had a great summer and is having a great start to the 2020/21 school year.  I hope everyone is staying healthy and well.


I have just some reminders for everyone as we start this school year.  


Medications At School:
•    MUST be brought by adults—not students—in a pharmacy labeled container.
•    Medication Administration Form MUST be signed by parent & doctor
Asthma Inhalers  & Epipens At School:
•    All asthma inhalers  & Epipens should be brought in the box with the pharmacy label.  If you have thrown the box away, your pharmacy can give you another label at your request.
•    A School Asthma Plan or Food Allergy/Anaphylaxis Plan MUST be signed by parent & doctor.
•    A Medication Administration Form Must be signed by parent & doctor.
(These forms are kept in the school office or nurse's office)

These medication requirements come from the state and are in place to ensure the safety of all students in the school district.

These forms are required every single school year.  It is a good idea to see your school nurse during registration so that these forms can be in place the first day of school.  The school is not permitted to give any medications without these forms.


Ill Students At School
If your child is actively vomiting or running a fever (Temperature  100 or greater), please do not send them to school.  Any student who is actively vomiting (witnessed by an adult) or running a fever (100 or greater),  will be sent home.  Your child MUST be fever free without Tylenol for 24 hours before returning to school.  Many illnesses are contagious and if everyone does their part, we should see fewer of these contagious illnesses at school. For any questions or concerns, please call me.


Thank you,

Amanda Williams RN,BSN

Bay Springs Elementary, Middle, & High School 

School Nurse



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